In July 2022, Mr. Khalid Albaker was appointed as the CEO of Quality of Life (QoL) Program Center which is one of the vision 2030 programs aiming to improve individuals and families’ quality of life by creating the necessary enablement to improve livability, and develop lifestyle options. Before promoted to lead QoL, Khalid was leading two sectors at the program since mid-2020: Chief Delivery Support officer which is the core operation of the Program as well as acting Chief of Marketing and Communications officer.

Khalid currently holds memberships in a diverse range of boards and committees; the most recent one being, member of Hail Municipality Company’s founding Board, in addition, to the architectural urban identity committee, and lastly, two QoL program subcommittees linked to to the QoL program committee; one representing the QoL Conference and the other focusing on creativity and innovation.

Prior to his joining to the QoL program, Mr. Albaker held many positions and led number of projects in sports, entertainment and tourism sectors. In addition to membership in various committee such as the Saudi Dakar Rally Committee, Formula E, Jeddah Season, Hail Season, MAHAD Program Transformation to MAHAD Academy, Tourism Sector Highlights and requirements, Investment Enablement of General Entertainment Authority.

In regards to academic record, Mr. Albaker holds a Master Degree in Business Administration. He obtained a recent certificate in management from the London Business School in addition to many other professional certificates in Project management field.