Dominique Sciamma is the Director and Dean of CY School of Design, CY Cergy Paris Université and President of APCI (France Design Promotion Agency). Holder of a Bachelor with Honours in Mathematics and a Master’s degree in Theoretical Computer Science and after an eclectic career within international companies, Dominique is creating the first ever design school in a university (CY Cergy Paris University) opening September 2021. He directed Strate School of Design for seven years until September 2020. Before leading Strate, he successively created and led its “Intelligent Systems and Objects” department and its research activity. Always surfing on new technologies, he successively worked as an Artificial Intelligence (AI) researcher, software developer, marketing director, head of an AI business unit in Singapore, strategist (for Bull), head of a complex problem-solving team, multimedia marketing (for EDS), electronic editor (for La Tribune economic newspaper), multimedia author, Content Management Systems (CMS) author (as an independent digital consultant), before passionately investing on design pedagogy. A prominent figure in the design ecosystem in France, Dominique is a determined promoter of transformative design, through his actions, words and writings. As president of APCI, the main French design promotion association, he played a very active role in the Design National Conference (2019) for the implementation of a national design policy.