Brandie’s strengths lie in the design industry, public speaking and community architecture. She is a design Integrator and strategist who who has skills that go beyond the technical domains, such as the business of design and elevating designers to be the best they can be. She has worked as a creative consultant and specializes in design knowledge and bridging the talent gap within the local creative industry.

Brandie has several years of experience in the Saudi Arabian market, particularly in the creative realm and cultural awareness. With a particular focus on leadership development, personal brand equity, and design auditing. Janow has mentored dozens of people in the design industry, in thirteen different countries and counting.

She is the founder of the Riyadh Coffee Club, a community for networking and coffee enthusiasts, and Kingdom Creatives – a VIP group of local industry creatives. She is an active member and ambassador of several professional organizations. In 2016 Brandie launched Smuug, an accessories brand, following up in 2022 with Smuug Made, a brand that creates bespoke accessories for private clients such as government institutions.

Brandie lives by her personal philosophy that “through immersing ourselves in new places and learning from others, we can bridge cultures and strengthen communities”.