HealthFuel Market & Abaq – From an Idea to a Business

HealthFuel Market is teaming up with ABAQ to create a special workshop that looks at product design from an Idea to a business.
In ABAQ – they seek to create a diverse products that connect the needs of the contemporary user with elements of the rich heritage of the Kingdom

In ABAQ brand We seek to create diverse products that connect the needs of the contemporary user with elements of the rich heritage of the Kingdom.

Allure Hub

١- بدايات التصميم الحرفي (تراثيات) – نوره بن شافي
٢-التصميم والتوسع الدولي – سيدة اعمال سنغفوريه Marjory
٣-تخطي الصعاب – كوتش ريادة اعمال

Allure Hub is among the first national co-working spaces that was established back in 2014 and have believed in crowd-sourcing and enhancing opportunities for startups and took the lead towards being more than a space. Allure is a community where you feel home .


Founded in 2011 by co-owner and Engineer Designer Noura Suleiman, NWII.III Interiors offers a range of interior architecture services. The design firm is not only accomplished in a wide range of design scope, it is mostly well accomplished and established in the Saudi Market, where cultural awareness and Arabian heritage are blended to better serve our clients. NWII.III boasts an extensive network of globally recognized interior finishes, furniture and textile companies in the USA, Italy, France, Portugal, Turkey, and throughout the Middle East.


coReach will be providing their space (AlSharnqah) for the workshop taking place on Saturday January 21st between 4:00 PM and 8:00 PM

CoReach enhance interior designers’ experience whether they were start-ups, students or interested individuals, giving them some of coReach’s experience in the world of design especially the part of bridging cultures and merging heritage with all types of interior design styles.

This will be done by offering visual lectures about executed projects done by NWII.III Interiors

– The Workshop on Traditional Design

Sidrat AlDar

Sidrat Aldar will be hosting a special workshop all about improving the Saudi traditional design

Sidra Al Dar exhibition is a visual feed, and a store that promotes the concept of creativity and believes in the value of social responsibility through its support for charities and the importance of highlighting the heritage in a modern way

معرض سدرة الدار تغذية بصرية ، ومتجر يعزز مفهوم الإبداع ويؤمن بقيمة المسئولية الاجتماعية من خلال دعمه للجمعيات الخيرية و أهمية إبراز الموروث بأسلوب عصري