Roundtable: Interdisciplinary Design Education

How do we cultivate the next generation of designers? In an era where access to knowledge has become easier, and learning approaches varied– we explore the ways educational institutions are ensuring that their pedagogy remains relevant. Likewise, beyond the classroom, what role does the community play in the holistic development of emerging creatives?


Speakers: Dominique Sciamma and Dr. Ahmed Kassab
Moderator: Brandie Janow

Saturday, January 14 from 7:40 to 8:20 pm


Presentation: Effat Student Design Project by Adhlal

Following signing an MOU during Saudi Design Festival 2022, Effat University’s Faculty of Architecture and Design and ADHLAL are excited to present the Effat Student Design Project, a joint initiative that aims to provide design students with the skills, confidence, and career opportunities they need to succeed as Saudi designers.


In collaboration with Shada Hotels, this project will give student teams the chance to act as design consultants, conducting research on customer experiences in the hospitality industry and working to develop design solutions for identified challenges. During this presentation, we will share insights and experiences from the project’s launch to the students’ design research and client iterations. We will also hear from Effat students and Shada Hotel about their firsthand experiences, as well as insights from those facilitating the program.


Join us to learn more about the Effat Student Design Project and how it is benefitting a maturing design eco-system. For Students, Education, Industry and the Community at large.


Effat Student Design Project, by Adhlal

Friday, January 13 from 7 to 7:40 pm

Main Stage

Talk: Big Dreams, Small World – Design Diplomacy

The Role of Design in Cultural Diplomacy: In recent years, institutions and international organizations alike have started to recognize how the roles of design, cultural diplomacy, and soft power are becoming more interlinked. There is a shift in outlook, a turn towards industry leaders and players playing a more “global” ambassadorial role in promoting the power of design as a major instrument of change across industrialized and emerging world powers.


In design, pressing challenges breed fostered, creative, and collaborative solutions— the designer is not a passive spectator but a necessary participant. It is here that people across continents find common ground, designing a shared future and collectively investing in the same desired outcome.


Conversation between Hicham Lahlou, WDO Envoy to Middle East & Brandie Janow, Design Consultant, AIGA Mentor

Friday, January 13 from 8:30 to 9:10pm

Main Stage

Panel Discussion: The Evolving Role of a Designer

The role of the designer today has gone beyond being the conduit of function and aesthetic. It is now considered integral to generating impact and posting viable solutions for a sustainable future. The three designers in this panel each approach design from a different angle. They represent some of the key perspectives we are seeing emerge in today’s creative landscape– particularly in the realm of built environments, spaces, and experiences.
Speakers: Amani Al Ibrahim, Khaled Hashem, Njoud AlAnbari
Moderator: Cyril Zammit
Friday, January 13 at 9:10 PM
Main Stage

Panel: Going Glocal: Local vs. Global Brand Positioning

Bringing leading agencies and studios for a meaning dialogue on find the right balance— how local is too local and how can brands stay relatable while being global at the same time? We also tackle trends in creative communications, marketing, and advertising.


Speakers: Banan Yaquby, Shaddah Studio, and Abeer Al Isa

Moderator: Jasmine Bager

Saturday, January 14 from 9 to 9:40 pm

Main Stage

Talk: Funny By Design

How can storytelling shape experience? How do we design content that moves emotions and turns concepts into action. Creative Content Director and puppeteer, Ammar Sabban is behind some of our most beloved puppets and characters. Join Ammar and his special guest as he shares the secret to connecting with audiences, young and old— and the power of empathy and emotive creativity.


Ammar Sabban

Saturday, January 14 from 7:10 to 7:40 pm

Main Stage