Masterclass: Street Poets Collection 02 (Typography Design & Screen Printing Session)

Dynamic and experiential, Shaddah studio’s interest in street art has started at 2021 Saudi Design Festival. By visiting street art we redefine a modern poetic approach to street poets and the lives they touch. We take you behind the process of making and curating your collection of street art to cultivate your own approach and design thats tells a story.

Research then sketch:
Breaking down the inspiration, execution and concept of each member by engaging in the process of each individuals approach.

Storytelling & Designing:
Teaching the use of typography to reinforce bold messages in creating a well designed layout with the right choice of visuals, colors and space.

Reviewing your work and the work of your colleagues to understand how different point of views perceive design. Teaching yourself to engage with like minded people to learn, discuss and find solutions to existing design problems.

What we’ll do next:
Leave it to us. We’ll take your design and create your next designed piece to love. We will call you once its ready for pick up.

By Shaddah Studio

Saturday, January 14 from 3 to 6 pm

Workshop Room A

Please bring a laptop with you to the session.

Masterclass: The Intersection of Design, Thought, the Written Word – How to Profoundly Amplify Your Creative Practice With a Deeper Understanding of Subtext

In this masterclass, we will explore how storytelling is inherently design, and how a deeper understanding of subtext amplifies our creative practices. We will extract the subtexts of stories by renowned writers, learn how to create their relevant textual mood boards, and consequently be presented with art and design artifacts that were derived from those same stories. We will listen to music, watch film scenes, dissect product designs, and much more, with the ultimate aim of finding the deeper narrative behind each artifact, alchemizing that narrative with your creative process, and amplifying your creative practice with a deeper understanding of subtext. The masterclass will conclude with a one-minute pitching exercise for a work that isn’t your own. This masterclass is suitable for designers, artists, storytellers, and writers alike.


Layan Abdulshakoor

Friday January 13 from 3 to 6 pm

Networking Lounge