Presentation: Brand Your Neighbourhood

AlMashtal in partnership with Saudi Design Festival launches the pilot edition of Brand Your Neighborhood. Aimed at creating a sense of identity and connection to the neighborhoods around us via storytelling. The design intervention outcomes are showcased during the opening weekend, and presented on-stage.



Building strong connections between cities and the residents of our cities is best when they are connected in stories, design experiences on the street and visually in a way which represents a relatability and connection to history, culture and place.


The idea of this challenge is to build an urban brand experience for the city of Riyadh through smaller design challenges of its neighborhoods/districts. Through theses challenges a city-wide experience can be developed


  1. Create a sense of identity and connection to the neighborhoods around us via storytelling
  2. A fun challenge to spark creativity and observation skills
  3. Encouraging participants to go out in the field and actually learn firsthand about the neighborhoods around us rather than relying purely on the internet
  4. Crowdsource urban design solutions from the citizens of the city.


  1. Creating design intervention concepts to be adapted throughout our neighborhoods
  2. Generating content and visual research and archiving about Riyadh’s key neighborhoods and districts.


Presentation by AlMashtal

Saturday, January 14 from 6:30 to 7:10 pm

Main Stage

Oud Square

The Future of Work and Play

The future of work is flexible. With new working patterns emerging post-Covid, and offices facing long-term changes after a year of working from home, businesses are adopting flexible ways of working as the pandemic has reshaped the world of work overnight. From agile spaces to hybrid work to biophilia, the next-generation office environment, sprouting up in cities across the globe, will support an agile blended workforce and drive employee engagement with purpose-built spaces that are designed to inspire.

Employers now have the responsibility to provide experiential workspaces, spaces that can be modified and adapted for different requirements and needs of their employees.

Design plays an integral role in imagining and designing the future of workspaces and bringing into light all that is possible for the new workforce. How do we approach the workplace restructure from a holistic perspective by providing a healthy workplace environment that puts people at its core?

What does the future of work and work spaces look like to you?

Future Designers Born Here 

  • There are many factors that determine productivity – central to them is the role of design in the workplace. Whether working at home, on a beach or in an office – how do even the smallest elements play a role in how we feel and how productive we are during the day. 
  • What is the effect of colour ? What is the effect of sunlight? What is the effect of spatial positioning and room composition? Play around in this space that you can make your own and tag us 

Are you in a room right now? If so, every man-made object you see there was designed by someone. In other words, it is an obvious fact that design makes our society. But many of us may not see design as such an important phenomenon.