The Role of Design in Cultural Diplomacy: In recent years, institutions and international organizations alike have started to recognize how the roles of design, cultural diplomacy, and soft power are becoming more interlinked. There is a shift in outlook, a turn towards industry leaders and players playing a more “global” ambassadorial role in promoting the power of design as a major instrument of change across industrialized and emerging world powers.


In design, pressing challenges breed fostered, creative, and collaborative solutions— the designer is not a passive spectator but a necessary participant. It is here that people across continents find common ground, designing a shared future and collectively investing in the same desired outcome.


Conversation between Hicham Lahlou, WDO Envoy to Middle East & Brandie Janow, Design Consultant, AIGA Mentor

Friday, January 13 from 8:30 to 9:10pm

Main Stage

Meet the Mentor

Friday, January - 13, 2023

Saturday, January - 14, 2023

at Friday 13 & Saturday 14, January | Networking Lounge | Limited seats available, SDF 2023

Masterclass: The Matchmaking Game

Friday, January - 13, 2023