Stepping into this branch will instantly give you earthy retro vibes, complemented by Ratan interiors and cozy seating.

Date: 16-17-18-19-20/ 01/2023

Design Destination: An artwork will be installed in the branch for the visitors to see and discuses about. More than just a cup of coffee, each Saudi coffee cup holds a story of the pilgrims, the dessert and the wonderful route of the beans in the dessert and the sea. To bring a participatory and immersive experience for our guests, We are telling the story of Saudi coffee through a unique artwork by Saudi architecture Hazim Alghunaim.This wooden stand-alone piece is embodying the journey of coffee in Arabian Peninsula, and how it got altered through the way between the different regions.

Elixir Bunn – King Faisal District

Saturday, January - 21, 2023

Sunday, January - 22, 2023

Monday, January - 23, 2023

Elixir Bunn – Qasar Alhukum

Sunday, January - 15, 2023

Monday, January - 16, 2023

Tuesday, January - 17, 2023