Located in King Faisal District.This branch emphasizes the art of interior design. The signature design of Deco Temple with the shape of the historic Islamic arches combined with the mud finishing has qualified the branch to win the Hospitality Design of AD Design Awards 2020.

Design Activation: Design story and inspiration, told by multiple info cards that will be distributed all over the branch.

Roundtable: Interdisciplinary Design Education

Saturday, January - 14, 2023

at Dominique Sciamma & Dr. Ahmed Kassab, Moderated by Brandie Janow | Saturday, January 14, 7:30 - 8pm | Main Stage, SDF 2023

Elixir Bunn – Turki Branch

Monday, January - 16, 2023

Tuesday, January - 17, 2023

Wednesday, January - 18, 2023