24 Oct 2021

Memorandum of Understanding Signed between the Architecture and Design Commission and Oasis Company to support the goals of Saudi Design Festival

The Architecture and Design Commission of the Ministry of Culture has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Oasis Company for Commercial Services, affirming its shared commitment to achieving the strategic goals of Saudi Design Festival. 

The signing ceremony took place in Riyadh, with the Commission represented by its CEO, Dr. Sumaya bint Suleiman Al-Sulaiman, and Oasis Company by its Co-founder and Managing Director, Ms. Basma Haitham Bouzo. 

The memorandum of understanding identified areas of cooperation between both parties. It outlines the breadth of support the Architecture and Design Commission will provide to the launch and long-term growth of the festival. This includes working with Oasis company in organizing the festival’s structure, content, and programs in line with the Commission’s strategic direction, in addition to nominating specialized expertise from relevant stakeholders from experts, specialists and work teams. It further aims to activate the participation of local talents, including designers, artists, as well as cultural and creative enterprises.

Through the memorandum, the Architecture and Design Commission seeks to contribute to creating job opportunities in the fields of design, strengthening efforts, refining, supporting, and promoting local talent, and encouraging innovation in the sector, in a way that affirms the Kingdom's position as a leading regional center of excellence in the field architecture and design.

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